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Eva Lerner-Lam


Eva Lerner-Lam is a transportation policy consultant with more than 40 years of national and international experience in business and strategic planning in transportation systems. She was Director of Planning and Operations for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board in the early 1980’s and founded the Palisades Consulting Group, Inc. in 1988. She has served as an expert advisor to The World Bank, the US Department of Transportation, the Economist Conferences, the China Academy of Transportation Sciences, The China Emergency Assistance Investment Co., Ltd. and the Beijing Municipal Urban Planning Commission.

Lerner-Lam was Project Director for the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) ground-breaking Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP) data standards development project (1996-2001) and led the Palisades Team to provide oversight and technical assistance for intelligent transportation technology (ITS) activities around the nation under the FTA’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Technical Assistance Omnibus Program (1999-2004). She also led the Palisades Team for the development and delivery of the National Transit Institute’s course Managing Information for Success (2002-2005) and was Project Director for the FTA publication APTS State-of-the-Art Report 2006. 

She served on numerous Transportation Research Board panels and committees, including the Transit Oversight and Project Selection (TOPS) Board. In 2004, she was elected President of the Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and served as the Initiator and Steering Committee Chair of the First International Symposium on Innovative Transportation and Development (TDIBP). She is also a Member of the Transit Council of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. In 1999, she was appointed by the Governor of the State of New Jersey to serve on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Transit Corporation, and in 2007, she was a member of the Transition Team for the Governor-Elect in New York State. 

She has received numerous professional achievement awards, including the 1995 ITE Metropolitan Section New York/New Jersey Engineer of the Year, the 1998 ASCE Frank M. Masters Engineering Achievement Award and the 2010 ASCE James Laurie Award. 

Lerner-Lam served as a Trustee of Princeton University (1984-1988) and as President of the Princeton Alumni Association of San Diego (1982-1984) and Beijing (1997-2007). She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Princeton University and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering/Transportation Systems Division from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Photo © New York, New York Photography, Beijing

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