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Risk Management for Sustainability
Electric Vehicles and EV Charging Infrastructure 
EV's and EV Charging Infrastructure
Transit Standards
Transit Standards
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Urban and Inter-City Transportation Planning
Transportation Systems Security
Transportation Systems Securty

11/01/2007 - Privatizing Emergency Assistance: China’s Emerging Model

09/12-13/2007 - American Society of Civil Engineers: The Role of Civil Engineers in Emergency Management

10/19/2005 - Technology and Standards for Infrastructure Security

10/18/2005 - Public Transit Security: Four Years After 9/11​

04/10/2005 - A War Gaming Approach to Getting “Data-Ready” for Local Implementations of the National Response Plan and the National Incident Management System

03/11/2005 - ASCE 2005 Infrastructure Report Card: Security Implications​

09/22/2004 - 9-11 Commission Report: Implications for Transportation Security in the NY/NJ Region

09/21/2004 - Transportation Security: Three Years After 9/11

05/26/2004 - Advanced Transportation Technologies in the Global War Against Terrorism​

04/21/2004 - Transit Security Policies: How Do We Prepare for the Unthinkable?

03/25/2004 - Exploring the Use of Roving Security Inspections to Increase Post 3/11 Rail and Bus Transit Security in the US

01/12/2004 - Transit Security Training and Education Overview

11/20/2003 - Transit Technology and Security

09/17/2003 - Leveraging ITS to Enhance Transit Security

08/25/2003 - Transit Security: An Overview of Activities Since 9/11​

05/29/2003 - Transit Security: Best Practices for Small and Medium-Sized Bus Operators

04/18-20/2003 - Current Status and Activities of the ASE Transportation Security Committee​

03/13/2003 - Urban Transportation and Highway Security

01/12/2003 - Port Security: Issues and Challenges for Asia and the West

11/06/2002 - Transportation Security: The Threat, The Challenges and Our Next Steps

10/05/2002 - Dealing with the Threat of Terrorism on Transit Systems

03/28/2000 - IP Telephony: Keeping New York Competitive in the Global Marketplace

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